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    MANGA: Shiro no Koro

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    Shiro no Koro – Mita Ori

    Title story talks about Fuji who moved to countryside for a little while. Daichi met him there. It was their youth, the time when both were still white. One with innocent love and kisses, another not aware how first love feels like. The distance between city and countryside seems to be the same as is the distance between the two of them. Will they be able to overcome the hardship?

    A collection of stories that are subtle but heartfelt.

    Shiro no Koro: The title story about young love and separation that is told in flashbacks. I rejoiced when it flashed back to the present.

    Spring is a Half-Step Ahead: Sadass salaryman dealing with a bitter breakup and the very cheerful president’s nephew who wouldn’t leave him alone. I don’t know how this two would eventually manage but I hope they will.

    Ophelia: A beautiful painting drew a sempai and a kohai together. Such a sweet ending!

    Christmas Blues: A case of enjo kosai that blossomed into something real and fluffy. I want more chapters!

    The Magic Medicine: Thoughts of a mother’s cure for homosexuality pop up amidst the loving and happy relationship between two men. I’m glad they stayed in love and happy.