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    MANGA: Junketsu Naito no Granz Reise

    Junketsu Naito no Granz Reise – Seika

    While other knights might pour their time into drinks and brothels, Gael Faris does not. He does not drink. He does not sleep around, all for the grand plan of becoming a paladin. Though Gael has failed the paladin examination, he continues to perform his knightly duties for the town Fastes. While on his rounds, Gael accidentally recuses Elcielas, an elf, from thieves. Elcielas recruits Gael to escort him on his mission to the capital to save the king. But, will Gael be able to stay pure on their journey?

    The Pure Knight’s Shining Journey is a fantasy romance about a pure knight who dreams of becoming a paladin and an elf on a mission to save the king.

    Gael is pure as in kind-hearted, naive, and virginal. He was roped in by a shining woodland elf, Elcielas, to escort him to the capital. This has the megane trick, where the elf looks ordinary when he wears eyeglasses, then reverts to his sparkling self when he takes them off.

    I loved the premise but didn’t find the humor funny. The gags, which were blah, hindered the pacing of the plot. It was mostly Las going on and on about how attractive he is because he’s an elf. The story could also use more action that could have showcased how strong Gael is in a fight, instead of the big to-do of the dub con-ish connecting of souls.

    This was a kind of elf magic to keep Gael safe in the woods. I say this is dub con-ish because Gael wasn’t fully informed of what’s happening. Las tends to obfuscate some facts especially knowing how clueless Gael is. The spell was done with them in the nude, which had Gael conflicted, having vowed to keep his virginity because of his paladin dreams.

    Mostly, Las is tiresome and not as attractive as he thinks he is.

    Very, very sad that this is another manga ruin by an unsuitable love interest. And Gael was a total sweetheart too, poor boy!

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    MANGA: Kachou, Kekkon Shimashou!!

    Kachou, Kekkon Shimashou!! – Seika

    Aoki, who lives with his only daughter after his wife died, has a special hobby of making sweets! One day while handing out his baked goods at work, Mizuno, an unfriendly subordinate, unexpectedly enjoyed the desserts. As a result, Aoki invited Mizuno to his house to deepen his friendship, but as soon as Aoki gave Mizuno a colorful handmade sweet, he proposed saying, “Chief, please marry me!”

    Chief, Please Marry Me is an age gap, workplace romance, and a perfect example of the adage, “The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.”

    Single dad and mid-level manager Aoki loves baking sweets and bakes so many treats, he takes them to his office to share with his co-workers. Mizuno is his bitch-faced subordinate, known to be as unfriendly as his face. Secretly, he LOVES sweets. So much so that upon tasting the best dessert he had ever eaten, baked by Aoki, he was so overwhelmed he proposed right then and there!

    The best parts of this wonderful story are the character and romantic developments of Aoki and Mizuno. Aoki is a mild-mannered man whose temperament is as sweet as his baked goods. He found someone who could appreciate his baking, promised to take care of him and his daughter, and held true to that promise through the years. Through Mizuno, he learns how to better handle the moment when his young daughter, Chie, finally leaves the nest.

    Mizuno found someone who loves his love for sweets. As a scary-looking man, he was outright rejected by a chocolate company because no one believed someone like him could like such delicate girly things. He was even mocked for it. This is why Mizuno is fiercely protective of the little family who brought him happiness.

    This is a dual bi-awakening romance which lead to hilarious couple moments. As salarymen, they researched gay sex and presented them to each other as if about to conduct a meeting. Mizuno’s formal marriage proposal was in PowerPoint and presented in the most convincing sales pitch ever. I had a good laugh!

    The ending was an endearing scene of Chie’s wedding, which Mizuno, probably a CEO now, took time to attend. I loved that he and Aoki were together throughout the decades.

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