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    MANGA: Otoshimono

    The Yaoi Report: Otoshimono (Lost Property) by Miyamoto Kano

    Otoshimono – Miyamoto Kano

    An odd encounter between two strangers results in tales of violence of questionable validity and of course sex. But is this just a one night stand?

    An offbeat story about a do-gooding part-timer, Hashimoto, who helped out a stranger standing in the cold. He offers him a place to stay for the night. After sharing a few beers, the stranger tells his story of being abused by his partner. After jokingly offering to sleep with Hashimoto then actually doing it, the story reveals a twist that left us questioning some truths.

    This gay-for-you one-shot takes you for a ride and leaves you wanting more. It’s one those stories that feel like a prequel to a very promising volume. I was one with Hashimoto in his sympathies and was as shocked when the stranger dropped his bombshell. Not sure about a relationship built on such dubious grounds but heck, if the mangaka wants us to root for these two, she definitely succeeded.