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    MANGA: Ore to Buka no Koi no Saki

    Ore to Buka no Koi no Saki – Nanameguri

    Takanashi and Tokunaga were spending their peaceful office lovers’ life until Takanashi suddenly got transferred to another department. Separated with his partner, Tokunaga gradually realized the true depth of his feeling. But that doesn’t mean their relationship was getting better. The more important Takanashi becomes in his eyes, the clearer Tokunaga can see the dead-end of their relationship. In a world that sometimes becomes unkind, can the two lovebirds walk to the future they wish for…? “Another Love Story Between My Trainee and I” is a sequel from the famous “Love Story” series by Nanameguri!

    The sequel to Ore to Joushi no Koi no HanashiMe, My Trainee, And the Sequel to Our Love continues the workplace romance between the openly gay Chikashi and his boyfriend, the used-to-be-straight Tomoaki. 

    The two have become inseparable at home and work, but a sudden change in the sales department had Tomoaki transferring to that department.

    This sequel is more dramatic and angstier. Chikashi is swarmed with insecurities. It didn’t help that Tomoaki was struggling with his sales quota and the self-sacrificing Chikashi decided to take extreme measures to save Tomoaki’s career. I loved Tomoaki for holding on as tightly as he could. I rooted hard for these dorks!

    The plot dealt with real-world problems, such as how being openly gay can affect work. This is in contrast with the prequel, where the emphasis is on how their company was accepting of Chikashi’s sexuality. It also depicts how a relationship evolve and how it can change a person.

    My heart went out to Chikashi during some of the emotional scenes. The humor balances out the heavier moments. I prefer the first story, but this is a moving sequel.

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