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    MANGA: Only Mine

    Only Mine – Katou Setsuko

    A collection of stories.

    This volume is a collection of slice-of-life stories, mostly about salarymen and a couple university students.

    Only Mine is a romance between a taxi driver and his passenger. The salaryman was pretty forward but I liked the way their relationship developed. The taxi driver was adorably blushy. This needs to be a series or a full volume at least.

    Omoi Megurasu (Think About) is two antagonistic coworkers bonding over a dog. Well actually, it was more like one begged the other to play with his dog. He was turned down but the stubborn man showed up unannounced anyway. This one had some twisty surprises. Really liked how the story played out.

    Dare yori Negau Shiawase wa (I Wish Your Happiness More Than Anyone) has an interesting premise but boring execution. This is about two men working in the bridal industry. Couldn’t say more about it because it was so meh.

    Boku no Jiman no Koibito desu (You Are My Special Lover) is about a salaryman who had to endure his coworkers boasting about their girlfriends. They all thought he was single and wanted to set him up. Dare he show them his boyfriend’s pictures? This is a nicely-done coming out story. The couple had such a great relationship. They really took time to talk things out. The boyfriend is a total sweetheart! So worth showing off!

    Mokuyoubi no Yoru, Sentou de (At Thursday Night, In Public Bath) is about a university student who goes to the public bath owned by his classmate. Said classmate would then stare at his body, smiling like a loon, while he takes a bath. I’m all for a guy who’s upfront about things but ogling your customer while they bathe is creepy. The story was boring too.

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