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    REVIEW: Parallel Larry by Jacqueline Rohrbach

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    Parallel Larry – Jacqueline Rohrbach

    Larry’s search for love didn’t include Greg, his regular waiter at his favorite restaurant. Always too busy daydreaming about a handsome doctor, Larry fails to notice Greg’s shy advances. But when Greg finally finds the courage to ask Larry out, he’s suddenly killed in a freak car accident. Only then does Larry realize how perfect they could have been together.

    No one gets a second shot at true love. Or do they?

    Inexplicably, Larry is drawn into a parallel reality, and in this new timeline, Greg is still very much alive. Here, the shy young waiter Larry knew from before has managed to live out many of his dreams. All except one: he hasn’t found love. Larry gets one more shot after all!

    There are a few problems. One, Larry’s time is limited. Two, Greg has already dated the parallel reality’s Larry, and he was a real jerk. Now Larry has to prove he’s nothing at all like his evil doppelganger and that he is willing to risk everything to protect the man he loves.

    He’s found Greg again. To keep him, Larry will have to stop daydreaming and fight himself—literally—not just metaphorically.

    This is partly what I expected.

    Parrallel Larry’s premise of a second chance romance involving a dimension jump is really interesting. Being no stranger to bizaarre and seemingly random sci-fi stories like the anime, Space Dandy, I totally buy the multi-dimensional verse, the toaster portal and the eighties obsession. I also expected it to be fluffy and cute and on those points, it delivered.

    What was hard to believe was how things seemed to be too conveniently set up, like suddenly Larry had a knife in his boots or staying in the new dimension was as simple as inserting a microchip that didn’t really do anything. Don’t their government have other, more conclusive methods? While I am not really expecting something profound, I felt the story lacked a certain oomph, and its fluff and cute seemed shallow. Greg and Larry were both likable people and their romance would have been more heartfelt had it had more depth.

    Overall, the execution could use some work but I think the set-up has a lot of potential and can be expanded. I am all for amping up the offbeat elements, and creating a series where multi-dimensional jumpers find love in other universes.


    I received a copy of Parallel Larry from Nine Star Press via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review

    2.5 Stars – far from hate but not quite a like

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