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    MANGA: Komiyama-san Chi no Dekiai Jijyou

    Komiyama-san Chi no Dekiai Jijyou – Kodaka Teruyo

    Aoi Komiyama enjoys his sweet time with his beloved partner, Riku Komiyama! One day, Aoi overhears a female co-worker talking about a man who caught his girlfriend having an affair with the delivery guy on a pet camera. Could his cute little Riku be up to the same thing?

    Komiyama-san’s Doting Situation is that rare rom-com one-shot of an established couple. 

    Salaryman Aoi and his househusband Riku are happy and madly in love. One day, upon overhearing rumors of a man catching his girlfriend cheating via listening bugs, Aoi got it into his head to buy some. Not because he thinks Riku would cheat, but because the dork wants to make sure his beloved husband is safe. Riku is too cute and precious!

    This is equal parts fluffy, steamy, adorable, and hilarious! Despite all his good intentions, things turned out differently from what Aoi expected. One time, he thought he heard Riku in distress only for things to turn XXX-rated really quick.

    I love reading about established couples who are still very much into each other. It’s all too common for stories to end with the wedding. So it’s always a treat to see what comes after the happy ever after.

    More stories like this please!

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