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    MANGA: Kemonomichi wo Tadotte

    Kemonomichi wo Tadotte – Satsuki Yuki

    One full moon night, a man suddenly meets the werewolf “Kuro”, hiding in the back alley. Immediately fascinated by the werewolf’s overwhelming presence, all reason is lost in the face of pleasure.

    Kemonomichi wo Tadotte is a rare werewolf manga with actual knotting. Beyond the smut, this is really a tender kismet romance between two werewolf breeds. In this world, werewolves who stayed in the forest are called ‘kuro’ while those who decided to blend with humans are called ‘shiro’.

    One day, a shiro found a kuro on the streets on a full moon night. He convinces the wolf to stay with him for the night. The kuro found it difficult to accept such kindness until the moon compelled him to take the shiro.

    What I liked best was the twist later on. It’s the typical childhood connection plotline but it gave the story weight. And elevated what would have been nothing but more than an excuse for some knotty sex into a compelling love story that made me want more of this couple.

    This oneshot has great potential! Turn this into a series please.

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