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    REVIEW: Guarding Garrett by R.J. Scott

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    Hockey Allies Bachelor Bids: Guarding Garrett – R.J. Scott

    A hardworking, competitive, and skilled hockey player, Garrett is the cornerstone of the Burlington Dragons hockey team and one of the league’s most popular playmakers. Blessed with a face that delivers millions in endorsements, he has a legion of fans, and a future so bright that he is the envy of many.

    When his internet fame puts him in danger, and a stalker threatens his life, the team hires Jason, a quiet but deadly former marine, to protect him. Danger is always close, but forced proximity means sparks fly, attraction burns, and somehow, resentment turns to love.

    When Garrett’s stalker ups their game at a charity bachelor auction, there is a real chance it could mean the end for Garrett, but Jason refuses to leave his side whatever the risk.

    These two stubborn men will have to fight to walk away from this alive, but their newfound love is worth every sacrifice.

    Ever since Rachel Reid‘s fantastic Game Changers series, I developed a thing for gay hockey romance despite not knowing anything about the sport. And there are a lot of MM hockey romances out there. I don’t know what it is about hockey players (maybe because they’re so damn cute?) but there something about them that’s so shippable to each other.

    Guarding Garret is your tough, uber-popular athlete needing protection from a stalker. Who you can guess the identity right away because they’re the only person described with some negativity. The romance itself, you already know how it will play out.

    But what I really liked about this was that R.J. Scott was still able to deliver an entertaining falling-for-the-bodyguard romance that’s a breeze to read and satisfying to finish. The story felt like of those beloved rom-coms you’ve seen a million times but can still make you smile every time. And even better, we are spared the requisite big fight commonly deployed in the genre.

    Garrett is pretty much obsessed with hockey. He’s a social media darling with a meme to his name. He’s known as that naked guy with the hippo. He’s also driven, kinda sullen but when he talks about his advocacy, supporting LGBT youth in sports, you could really see how passionate he is about it. He’s like the ideal athlete every sports agent dreams of. I had a fun time going through his thoughts and it was even more fun when he and his bodyguard started bantering.

    Jason was the bodyguard assigned to him. We only see him from Garrett’s POV. Jason is straight-laced, hard to read and kept his distance for as long as he could. For which I’m glad because the man was clearly keen on doing his job properly. I liked how smooth the transition from bodyguard to boyfriend was executed and even after that, Jason was still very profession. This gets a mention because I really hate it when pros fuck up when all of a sudden they’re emotionally involved.

    Guarding Garrett is part of the shared-world Hockey Allies Bachelor Bid. The common thing that unites the books are hockey and a charity auctioning off the players for a date. Garrett was one of the organizers of the event.

    For me, this is a great book to start off the series. It gave a nice backgrounder to the bachelor bid part and introduced the other characters who will appear on the other books. Recommended if you like a straightforward sports romance about a hockey player who broke the internet and his bodyguard who tried to resist.

    The books can be read in any order.


    Thank you to Signal Boost Promotions for sending a copy in exchange for an honest review.

    3.5 Stars – that place between like and love

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