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    Whyborne & Griffin: Fallow – Jordan L. Hawk

    When Griffin’s past collides with his present, will it cost the lives of everyone he loves?

    Between the threat of a world-ending invasion from the Outside and unwelcome revelations about his own nature, Percival Endicott Whyborne is under a great deal of strain. His husband, Griffin Flaherty, wants to help—but how can he, when Whyborne won’t tell him what’s wrong?

    When a man from Griffin’s past murders a sorcerer, the situation grows even more dire. Once a simple farmer from Griffin’s hometown of Fallow, the assassin now bears a terrifying magical corruption, one whose nature even Whyborne can’t explain.

    To keep Griffin’s estranged mother safe, they must travel to a dying town in Kansas. But as drought withers the crops of Fallow, a sinister cult sinks its roots deep into the arid soil. And if the cult’s foul harvest isn’t stopped in time, Fallow will be only the first city to fall.

    Fallow is the eighth book in the Whyborne & Griffin series, where magic, mystery, and m/m romance collide with Victorian era America.

    Hmm…I don’t know. This is Griffin’s story and it’s about time he got his closure but I feel this might be the weakest installment of the series. All the usual patterns were there, like Whyborne being overly dramatic about his relationship with Griffin, (Good gad man, your husband already declared he would rather watch the world burn than leave you so stop being so damn insecure!), bad sorcerers popping up, monsters wreaking havoc and mayhem and traitorous relatives. I think by this time our foursome should have learned their lessons already. However, this book still moved the overarching plot forward with the Fidelus making their move, Griffin facing his past, talking it out with his Ma and putting it all behind him. There’s pain and sadness at the parting but  there a lot of happiness too, because he found his true home and family.

    “I’d been at my very worst. My lowest point; hurt and fractured, my nights shattered by terrifying fits. Wounded, body and soul.And that was when it chose me. Because in whatever inhuman way the maelstrom perceived the world, it saw worth in me even then. Even when no one else had.”

    3.5 Stars – that place between like and love

    Soundtrack: I Have Made Mistakes
    Artist: The Oh Hellos
    Album: Through the Deep, Dark Valley

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