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    Death and the Devil: Bargaining with the Devil – L.J. Hayward

    Meta-State spy Jack Reardon believes it’s all been taken care of. He has his verbal agreement with his boss to “keep Blade happy,” and Jack is more than willing to do his best in that regard. He also has his bargain with Ethan, to keep seeing each other whenever they cross paths. Small victories, interspersed with exploding bombs, smashed cars and miffed co-workers, all while consorting with an international assassin.

    Contract killer Ethan Blade values his security, and Jack’s the first time he’s found that with another person. Wiring a warehouse or outback shelter for safety, no problem. Keeping safe a prickly ex-soldier-turned-spy who’s a magnet for trouble, not so easy. Instead of faceless, nameless jobs, he’s poking his fingers into Jack’s cases—a car bomb gone awry, a Hen party gone wild—much to Jack’s mounting dismay.

    They have a deal; neither one of them can seem to stick to it. It’s Jack versus Ethan as the two men learn to navigate their ever-evolving not-a-relationship without losing the benefit of the bargain.

    I needed my Death and the Devil fix so I was ridiculously excited for this novella.

    Rarely do I get giddy just waiting in excitement for the next book in the series  and this novella just amped up that anticipation. Obviously, the Jack Reardon + Ethan Blade tandem is a super major bias so I will go ahead and declare the Death and the Devil series as one of the best things to  come out in 2018. 

    5 explosive, death-defying stars across the board!!

    5 Stars – absolutely perfect

    Soundtrack: The New
    Artist: Interpol
    Album: Turn On the Bright Lights

    (source: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/40602970-bargaining-with-the-devil)