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    MANGA: Itoshi no My Doctor!

    Itoshi no My Doctor! – Glycerine Takeru

    The bright young actor Sunao Makita is starring in a hit medical TV drama. His director makes him interview a surgeon called Naoki Himematsu, but when Sunao shows up, he receives the opposite of a warm welcome and is outright rejected. Over time, Dr. Himematsu’s cold yet kind personality slowly warms up to Sunao’s tenacity and persistence. Will Sunao figure out how to get through to the surgeon’s heart!? He wants to see more of the doctor’s cute side! This is a medical romance featuring an attractive actor with the personality of an excited puppy, and the calm, collected doctor he loves!

    My Sweet Doctor is an opposites attract romance between a brusque doctor and a genki actor.

    Sunao is an actor portraying a doctor in a TV drama. To make his acting more convincing, his director tasked him to interview Dr. Himematsu. The two spectacularly got off on the wrong foot, but Sunao is nothing but persistent. The more time he spent with the doctor, the more he learned about the doctor’s cute side.

    This is the perfect example of food as the way to a man’s heart because Sunao kept feeding his beloved doctor super cute bento. And the good doctor let him because the man is sucker for delicious food. It’s a joy seeing the grumpy doctor letting his walls down and letting Sunao in.

    The story moved fast, yet the plot development was well-executed. My favorite part is that the couple had no silly grand gestures. Instead, the milestones come in small, deceptively trivial gestures, like the lone wolf doctor telling the concussed Sunao to go with him to his house so he could watch over him or casually handing his apartment’s keys to Sunao. It’s things like these that speak volumes.

    It’s always the secretly sweet ones that are most lovable!

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