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    MANGA: Galge no Sekai de Shinyuu ga Ore o Sukida to Iidashite

    Galge no Sekai de Shinyuu ga Ore o Sukida to Iidashite – Fujitobi

    Aoi, a hard-headed young man secretly yearning for love. When playing the harem game he secretly bought in his best friend Ritsuki’s house, he somehow gets sucked into the game’s world with Ritsuki! While understanding that if they don’t clear the game they can’t leave, Aoi decides to try his best in romancing one of the girls, but suddenly Ritsuki confesses to him…? The story between a whole hearted ikemen childhood friend x a hard headed young man who secretly yearns for love virtually unfolds!

    In the World of a Gal Game, My Best Friend ♂ Says He Likes Me!? is a gay for you, best friends to lovers story that took place inside a gal game.

    Gal games are dating games where the player tries to win the affection of girls. Aoi was playing one at his best friend Ritsuki’s house when they were both sucked inside the game. Aoi, who had boldly declared he had no interest in girls, had in fact been wanting a girlfriend and decided to play the game as practice.

    Meanwhile, Ritsuki had been pining for his oblivious friend for years. He took comfort in the fact that his friend said he doesn’t want to date girls. Now that they were both in the game and Aoi was actively pursuing girls, he took matters in his own hands by trying to control Aoi’s interactions with them.

    Normally, I’d be all over a friends to lovers story especially one that’s also gay for you. But, I seriously think Ritsuki was barking up the wrong tree. Aoi was so very obviously straight. He was really into girls and only later developed feelings because Ritsuki was always there. I felt his change of feeling towards his bestfriend was forced. Even the flow of the manga didn’t feel smooth.

    I did feel sorry for Ritsuki. Aoi is a doofus. Still, he loves Aoi so much that when the game showed Aoi the affection levels of a person towards him, Ritsuki’s level was so high, Aoi was overwhelmed and fled. Ritsuki’s strong feelings were the only reason I rooted for them.

    I love most of Fujitobi‘s manga but sadly this one didn’t work for me. Which was too bad because it had an interesting set up.

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