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    In The Darkness: How We Sell Our Souls – Emilie Lucadamo

    When George Soto turns twenty-six, his life is less than perfect. Stuck in a dead-end job, watching his friends pass him by, it’s quickly starting to feel like he’s going nowhere. When he finds a strange ritual meant to contract a demon, he doesn’t imagine it could possibly work.

    Until there’s a demon standing in his living room.

    George doesn’t know what a contract with a demon entails, but it seems like a great opportunity to get revenge on his awful boss. Gradually, he and the demon—an abrasive entity who calls himself Jack—form an alliance.

    But as things heat up between them, George almost doesn’t notice the increasing darkness in his life. The nights are longer, the shadows grow heavier, and the world around him seems to be distorting.

    How We Sell Our Souls took me for a fun, fluffy ride only to drop me into chaos and mayhem that left me wondering, is anybody going to survive this?

    I should have seen it coming. Despite the humorous, not-taking-things-seriously tone, there was a constant creeping darkness present throughout the story. But I thought it wouldn’t go that far. It usually never does. Major points to Emilie Lucadamo for taking it as far as it could go.

    I totally loved the adorably grumpy Jack but I wasn’t 100% into George at first. His determined pursuit of Jack was cute but his willful ignorance of the consequences was bugging me. Also, for someone who works in a law firm, he wasn’t very keen about knowing the clauses in the demon contract. Then he realized his error, redeemed himself in the highest possible way and suddenly, I had a lump in my throat.

    I was especially attached to Matt, Josh and Alex, George’s loyal friends who stayed with him till the end of the line come hell or high water. Hell literally came for them all and nobody could ask for better friends. However, I thought Lucy, the exorcist, was unnecessary and didn’t do much to the story except to add female presence. Adam, the mysterious bookshop keeper, also possibly sorcerous, was the most intriguing character there and I was glad that he will appear on the sequel.

    How We Sell Our Souls sets the tone for In the Darkness, a paranormal series featuring magic and demonic entities. It’s a great first book that combines humor and romance with supernatural elements and horror. I enjoyed the emotional roller coaster but goddammit, the ending was one huge bittersweet pill! (T_T)


    I received a copy of How We Sell Our Souls from  Nine Star Press  via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.


    4 Stars – minor quibbles but I loved it to bits

    Soundtrack: England’s Evil Demon Summoning Song
    Artist: Hetalia
    Album: Hatafutte Parade

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