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    REVIEW: Dantes Unglued by Jocelynn Drake & Rinda Elliott

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    Ward Security: Dantes Unglued – Jocelynn Drake & Rinda Elliott

    When private investigator, Shane Stephens, is hired by the mayor of Cincinnati to track down the hacker who has been threatening him, Shane is sure this is the opportunity to launch the Merleau Detection Agency into the big time. He even convinces Rowe Ward of Ward Security to loan him one of his best IT specialists, Quinn Lake.

    Shane, a man who prefers casual intimacy, is surprised by his attraction to the moody computer geek, but when Quinn suggests they have fun for the month he’s on loan, Shane happily agrees. Both men are expecting nothing more than a good time.

    But the investigation takes an unexpected turn and they quickly discover they are facing more than a hacker out to ruin the mayor’s re-election chances. And as they spend more time together, they realize their relationship may be a lot more than just a good time.

    With only weeks until the election, Shane and Quinn race to gather the proof they need while dodging bullets and possibly…falling in love.

    Ward Security is the spin-off series of Unbreakable Bonds. This features Ward Security employees from the bodyguards like Sven to the tech specialists like Quinn. Ward Security is like a family to many of them.

    Dantes Unglued is the second book of the series starring IT specialist a.k.a. reformed hacker Quinn Lake and private investigator Shane Stephens. They were to track down a hacker threatening the mayor. The story was about revenge, referencing the characters in The Count of Monte Christo. As is usually the case with this author pair, the mystery was nothing to write home about but since it gave a viable reason for the hacker and PI to work together and be together (because that is really why we’re here), I’m not complaining about that part.

    But, hmm…I dunno. I wanted to like this more. I’m all gung-ho for the entire idea of Quinn and Shane hooking up, I’ve been hearing about Shane in the other books and Quinn had major page time in Psycho Romeo. But, what came out fell somewhere between liked and loved.

    I adored Quinn. Always had. Diggin’ his nerdy hacker vibe. I wanna hang out with him and chill over Assassin’s Creed. Shane, I could take or leave. I liked that he reads, he’s easy going, he’s honest and he’s not afraid to admit he’s scared but he wouldn’t really stand out in a room full of JD & RE characters.

    The book is written in dual POV and that is normally something I go for. In this case, however, I think it would be more interesting to see the story progressed through Shane’s perspective alone. I liked seeing nerds from their lover’s POV and I wanted to see how Quinn put his genius to work and how he blossomed as he went from shy and inexperienced to toppy and happy though Shane’s eyes. I enjoyed experiencing Shane’s growing awareness that there is somebody worth committing to as the truth gradually dawned on him. And I liked his determined pursuit of the man.

    “Sometimes, when it’s real, it doesn’t take long at all.”

    Quinn and Shane were good together. The affection was there, the physical attraction was strong, so was the chemistry. They were upfront that it’s all about fun, casual sex. But it kind of seemed like it was all they had. I wasn’t that convinced that they should be using the L-word already for the mere two weeks they were together. Though I am convinced they’re heading towards that point, they just need more chapters to build their relationship or at least an epilogue. But yeah, if your boy’s a hardcore gamer, a room full of gaming consoles seals the deal.


    The Dark Lord is next. Fuck yeah Royce!

    To fully enjoy Ward Security, it’s best to also read Unbreakable Bonds. The books should be read in order.

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    3.5 Stars – that place between like and love

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