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    Dame na Yatsu Hodo Kawaii – Ueda Niku

    One day, Arata was forced to take in a freeloader by the request of his friend.
    That man, Narumi, almost burns everything when he cooks, and can’t get into the bath on his own; in other words he’s a hopelessly clumsy man.

    Arata is at a loss, but he just can’t leave Narumi alone!?

    Other completed works include: A high-schooler that observes his friends’ love, A flashy guy x a son of a distinguished family’s elopement, And a cold guy x Crossdressing guy.

    A useless adult who can’t do anything so he whores himself out? Sorry, not cute. Fortunately it’s only one chapter and an extra. I don’t know how much I could bear that crap.

    Oooh, the second chapter! Development of a relationship between two childhood friends from the perspective of a mutual friend is something worth reading. Loving this one.

    Third chapter was cute, fun and so wonderfully carefree. Another win.

    Not feeling the fourth and fifth chapters. Two guys working at a crossdressing cafe hooking up for almost no reason at all. The senpai disappeared and suddenly resurfaced with a case of amnesia.  Crappy plot.

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