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    MANGA: Cure Blood

    Cure Blood – Togaya Arata

    “You’re the only one in this life where I can’t die.” A storyteller that will touch your soul is born. This is the story of a doctor who gives blood and a vampire who doesn’t age.

    The new doctor, Tadayuki, suddenly underwent a transformation. He desperately wanted blood like a vampire, and his aging process had slowed dramatically. Tadayuki attacked his senpai Juji, disappearing after telling Juji that he had died. But Juji sought out Tadayuki and offered him a helping hand, telling him, “I’ll examine you and give you blood, too.” They never could have imagined that it was the beginning of a secret they would keep for decades.

    I’m going to say outright, this is a tragedy. I was very resolved not to cry, but this manga wrecked me. I was a sobbing mess.

    Cure Blood is a very medically oriented look at vampirism. Young doctor Tadayuki exhibited strange symptoms and his beloved mentor, Juji took it upon himself to examine and find a cure. Namely, offer his blood every two weeks so that Tadayuki could keep his secret and live a normal life.

    It’s crazy how this manga could feel so calming and peaceful yet pack a whomping emotional punch. It tackles the issue that always niggles me whenever I read romance novels about immortals falling in love with humans. The sad fact that they have to watch them grow old and die.

    The plot follows the two doctors in a slice-of-life style, documenting the years they spent and how they managed to live as normally as possible while accommodating the quirks of Tadayuki’s condition. And hands-down, Juji is the most selfless seme ever created. A consummate doctor who will do anything to save a patient, even devotes his entire existence to taking care of Tadayuki without asking for anything in return.

    Heck, these two weren’t even lovers! They were just together. It warms my asexual heart to see two people building a non-sexual, soul-deep connection purely based on mutual trust, unconditional love, a selfless desire to care for a person’s wellbeing, and the sheer pleasure of each other’s company. 

    This is a beautiful story I’ll never forget!

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