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    MANGA: The Light Of Summer

    The Light Of Summer – Clove

    Sungha is loved by men and women of all ages for his mature and kind character. But he has scars that can’t be shown to just anyone… Woojoo is the only friend he can open up to. The day after the final exam, Sungha gathers the courage to overcome his wounds and try to change. This is the story of Sungha and Woojoo healing each other.

    Sungha is a high schooler trying to deal with his biggest fear while trying to keep up appearance as perfect. This fear was rooted in a childhood trauma. His best friend is Woojoo, a neighbor who lives in the same apartment complex. One rainy day, they were trapped in an elevator and Sungha fell apart. What would his best friend think of him now?

    The Light of Summer is a short webcomic with only 3 chapters. Even if it’s short, it felt complete even though it ended with the two boys on the verge of becoming something more.

    This manga is a tagged psychological. We see things from Sungha’s perspective and we witness the cruel things people around him thoughtless say. He was not bullied. People liked him. Liked him because they know he can’t say no to anything.

    It was only his best friend Woojoo who really see how things truly were. His genuine acts of kindness were touching. I think that elevator scene was beautiful. It lit a spark in Sungha.