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    REVIEW: The Vampire’s Club 3 by X. Aratare

    The Vampire’s Club 3 – X. Aratare

    Lucas Daniels must be protected!

    Lucas Daniel starts his job at Club Dyavol, but, immediately, he wonders what he’s gotten himself into. Though the patrons are wealthy, glamorous and remind him of nobles from an earlier age, Lucas senses that they are dangerous as well. Yet he still feels safe within Dyavol’s walls, because of Count Konstantin “the Wolf” Volk’s watchful eye on him through the club’s many cameras.

    Count Konstantin “the Wolf” Volk believes that Lucas’ blood can cure his curse, and Lucas’ companionship could ease his isolation. But he needs to keep the young man secret, because drinking the blood of a witch could start a war between vampires and witches once more. Yet when the leader of the Vampire Council arrives at Dyavol’s doors on Lucas’ first night of work, Konstantin must let him in, and somehow keep Lucas’ true identity hidden.

    ***TRIGGER WARNINGS: mentions of child abuse and paedophilia***

    PURE LOVE!!! ♡^▽^♡

    The Vampire’s Club is the ongoing saga of a boy and his Wolf. It’s written as a serial and cliffy as fuck which drives readers crazy. The pain is worth it.

    It’s Lucas’ first day at work and Konstantin assigned Collette and Darrell to watch over him. A human in a vampire club is nothing but prey. Also, Lucas was not suppose to know what the place really was. Many times during the course of the evening, trouble reared its malicious head and he was saved by members of Konstantin’s vampire family. But really, the boy didn’t need saving. I loved the way he took control of the Angelis situation and the scene where he put the arrogant Marius in his place was a major fuck yeah team human moment! Marius was so conceited yet so clueless, it was almost comical.

    Konstantin’s past!!! ☆*:.。.o(≧▽≦)o.。.:*☆

    The Wolf was a young man in Russia 250 years ago when he met the Nomad. It was a tragic encounter. Konstantin’s mother was dying and his father, desperate for a cure, contacted occultists and sinister beings. One of these was a dark entity known as the Nomad who was said to grant eternal life in exchanged for blood.

    I am over the moon about learning Konstantin’s past, how he met the Nomad and his great love for his mother. And while it appeared that the Nomad was nothing but a cold-hearted monster who abandoned his Childe, I know deep down he loved his Fledgling because he’s watching over Konstantin in some guise or another. I think I know who. ( ರ Ĺ̯ ರೃ ) And I can’t say this enough, the Nomad and his alter ego need a book of their own.

    Mothers are key figures in this series and I’m pretty sure who that Angelina Jolie look-alike Lucas met at the end of the book. Fathers were also a big deal. Lucas has issues with his step-father while Konstantin had complicated relationships with his biological father, The Nomad and his adopted Sire, Arsene Reynard.

    This is the kind of story where you use the word “enthralled” because there is that palpable feeling of being under a spell. X. Aratare is very effective at making me feel her words and with narrator, Ethan Holtan, they worked perfectly together to keep me mesmerized. The story was very suspenseful and dramatic without going over the top. And the zing between Konstantin and Lucas was unbelievable! I got the goosies. It was 5 hours and 4 mins of my life well spent.

    So many hints and revelations, still so many mysteries. Will Arsene’s plan work? Will the Nomad reveal his secrets? Will Konstantin be cured? Will Lucas finally realize what’s really going on? Does he have special powers? And why does the boy need to claim the Wolf?

    Here I am dying for that next book. (✖﹏✖)


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    5 Stars – absolutely perfect

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