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    MANGA: Cello Mellow

    Cello Mellow – Tagura Tohru

    Story 1, Her Carriage: Aya is currently in love with his best friend, Kouta, whom takes him to school each day on the back of his bike. Aya, can’t help but wonder why he’s the only one special enough to ride on Kouta’s bike; on the other hand, Kouta is on the lookout for a girlfriend. Will Aya ever be able to confess? Story 2, Make Believe Brothers: Story 3, After School Strawberry Flavor: Story 4, Finger: Story 5, Four Leaf Clover: Story 6, Cello Mellow: An attractive cellist by the name of Mahoro is a hopeless man who can’t recognise love. Mahoro, who has never loved anyone before, was picked up by Sousuke on a rainy day one year ago. Woken every morning by Sousuke, the sleepy Mahoro finds himself drawn to Sousuke’s smile.

    A collection of touching stories with pretty artwork. For your daily dose of shounen-ai goodness.