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    MANGA: Apart de Itooshii Kimi ga Naku

    Apart de Itooshii Kimi ga Naku – Ohtake Tomo

    Ishikawa works as a prop hand at a television studio. One day, a young actor name Ikami comes over and says to him ”I’m going to die tomorrow”…… Following that encounter, Ikami tries to make small talk with Ishikawa.

    You, My Dearest Crying In My Apartment is prop hand Ishikawa slowly being drawn to young actor Ikami. Actually, it was more like Ikami, who everyone described as difficult and cold, inexplicably latched on to Ishikawa.

    The prop hand found himself taking notice of Ikami’s quirks and comparing them to everyone else’s comments about the actor. The latter was spending more and more time in Ishikawa’s apartment. One day, they talked about Ikami’s problems with the studio head. Then one thing led to another and they ended up kissing…

    We’ve seen a lot of characters forcing themselves on another character. I don’t know what that trope is called but I frequently found it annoying. What I liked about Ikami here was that he did it in a way that didn’t irritate me. And there were no sexual harassments involved. Or anything sexual at all, at first. I’m not even sure these two realized they were gay.

    It was just Ikami deciding to spend time with the other man. As a socially awkward person, I could understand the young actor being not personable. He talked only to people he liked, which is Ishikawa. And there’s Ishikawa realizing he’s having a good time. Also, that they liked each other that way.

    The story isn’t as dramatic as the title made it out to be. The feels were slow-burn and low-key. This one-shot was written like there were supposed to be more chapters. It could certainly use another one or two to fully flesh out the characters and some plot points. The ending had the couple reuniting but still left me hanging.

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