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    MANGA: Ano Ko To Juliet

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    Ano Ko To Juliet – Kojima Lalako

    “Mitsuru and I, we’re Romeo and Juliet.” High school students, Ryousuke and Mitsuru are lovers since childhood. But their fathers are with daggers drawn. They really don’t want to be separated…With this mind, the decision to elope…?! Besides the main title work, this book also contains the love of a popular idol x childhood friend, and the timid love of the one carrying out someone else’s love letters ♥ The sparkling high school loves, a short compilation gem!

    That Boy & Juliet: Madly in love high schoolers go against their father’s wishes and try to elope. Endearing but we can do without the domestic abuse.

    Dramatic Boyfriend+Melancholy Boyfriend: An unexpectedly angsty and also cute story of an idol and his childhood friend turned boyfriend. We can do without pedo sensei.

    The Funeral Ceremony Of Love Letters: Ghostly letter writing connects lonely high schooler to a boy mourning the loss his girlfriend. Full of tears and longing but also hopeful. Best story.