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    MANGA: Star Collector Vol. 1

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    Star Collector – Anna B. & Sophie Schonhammer

    Fynn’s favorite activities are skipping class, smoking, and lying around. So when he’s told it’s time to shape up and try doing something else for a change, he has no idea where to even start.

    Then, on a nighttime walk around his neighborhood, he sees a stranger with a telescope up on a hill: his name is Niko, and he loves to watch the stars. Intrigued, Flynn decides to find out more about this nerdy boy and what could be so interesting about the night sky that he loves so much.

    I know I sound like an ass but I used to scoff at Western manga because the art seemed off. But when I saw the cover of Star Collector, I immediately requested it on Netgalley. So pretty!

    This is a classic opposite attracts story made more magical by stars. Watching Fynn fall for Niko was cute but maybe it happened just a little bit too fast given that they hardly know anything about each other and Fynn just broke up with Zoe. I felt Zoe’s hurt but I liked her for being such a great friend. I would have liked some backstory but I’m guessing that will be for the succeeding volumes.

    Star Collector Vol. 1 is a good start of a promising manga. Recommended for those who love gay for you stories about nerds and delinquents.

    Can’t wait for volume two! Will Fynn and Niko finally see those shooting stars?


    I received a copy of Star Collector from Tokyo Pop via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review