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    MANGA: and310 ~ Hi-mote Hakase to Koisuru Android

    and310 ~ Hi-mote Hakase to Koisuru Android – Saku Hiro

    Dr. Nijo and his beloved android Mio’s love grows within this short period of time from the first day they met.

    Roughly translating toย An android in love with a non-Mote Dr. ~ย this is a story of Dr. Nijo forever trying to fix a bug that somehow refused to be fixed, resulting in the cancelations of his rental android, Mio. During one of his tune-ups, Mio suddenly confessed that he likes the doctor.

    It’s a heartwarming story tinged with melancholy at the thought that androids can live for eternity and humans have shorter lifespans. There was a notable portion of dialogue I skimmed, presumably discussing why relationships with androids are forbidden, procreation and homosexuality, and the doctor coming to terms with his relationship with Mio. After that, the manga picked up the pace.

    Among android romance stories, this tackled practical concerns, such as the issues mentioned above, the AI getting used to new sensations via newly installed genitals, etc. However, it still highlighted the softer, more joyful side of things giving the good doctor and the android a happy ending, even if it’s just a happy-for-now.

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