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    MANGA: Anata wa Korosu Tabi

    Anata wa Korosu Tabi – Asai Sai

    Yakuza members Odajima and Kataoka are sent away on a trip after Kataoka, the young wakagashira, screws up. However, this trip hides the true mission: Odajima has been ordered to kill Kataoka.

    The Journey To Killing You‘s eye-catching cover and yakuza as main characters is an irresistible combination.

    The mix of steam, angst, and grit hit hard right off the bat. I braced for devastation as the impending sense of doom loomed like dark clouds over the characters. This was tempered by a streak of humor, and the entertaining interplay of Odajimi’s serious, gloomy personality and Kataoka’s easy-going, people-pleasing charisma.

    The plot is two people on the run, a.k.a road trip, where the underboss Kataoka and underling Odajimi alternate between having sex and chilling with various quirky folks. While Kataoka seems to be having the time of his life, Odajimi struggles with internal conflict, bittersweet memories, and his mission to kill the other man.

    Yakuza politics demands the urgency of the kill, and Kataoka slays with a deceptively casual proposition. And just like that, the man brought the squee in what would have been a dismal affair. Totally reminded me of another yakuza BL manga I read a long time ago where they say the bond between members is deeper than marriage.

    It’s best to go in knowing only what the blurb says. The author’s storytelling is superb! They really know how to deploy key panels to maximum heart-stopping effect. There are flashbacks to Odajimi’s memories ending in tragedy, heightening the suspense. Even with the flashbacks, jumps to other characters, and numerous sex scenes, the plot was smooth, well-executed and downright gripping!

    This is a manga that is as intense as its cover!

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