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    MANGA: Konna Hazu de wa

    Konna Hazu de wa – Amida Shizuku

    A new standard of heartwarming BL.

    A senior employee who is good at pampering × a junior who is a dog Squirming, smiling, grinning… Everything is here.

    Adachi, a new employee, a quiet,tall handsome man. However, inside he is a clumsy dog and the tempo is out of sync. The person who Adachi fell in love with was his senior, Mr. Mori, “I’m scared when I get angry, but I’m a caring 31-year-old”. Mr. Mori, who is a stupid junior and cute somehow – begins to face Adachi who falls in love with you.

    When they say, “A new standard of heartwarming BL,” they weren’t kidding. This is seriously adorbs!

    I love dog personality seme! Adachi has this personality, but amped up the fluffiness 10x by being super adorkable! The man is gangly and hella awkward. He’s a rookie salaryman, clumsy but earnest and very likable. He was assigned to train under Mori.

    Mori is a baby-faced 31-year-old, super chill, short, and popular. Pretty much unflappable he smoothly goes with the flow. And he does that so well it took me a moment to realize he does have genuine feelings for Adachi.

    Witness how these two opposite personalities came together in a scene that made me hold my breath by its sheer awkwardness (this word again) and squee-tasticness! More of that delicious tension follows. As one of the worst socially awkward persons out there, I could only wish my derpy moments would end just as happily.

    This is a heartwarming manga, a wholesome comfort read that oozes feel-good vibes. I’d love to see more of this pairing!

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    Nichiyoubi ni Pound Cake – Amida Shizuku

    Takeyoshi’s dad seems to have a crush on one of his coworkers, a pretty… man. Takeyoshi’s troubled and may be even more troubled when he meets the man.

    Aye on the uncommon characters, nay on the erratic plot developments.

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