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    MANGA: Ameiro Curriculum

    Ameiro Curriculum – Sakazaki Haru

    Hikaru dreams of becoming a chef. However, nothing’s going right in his life – he’s just been dumped, and has few job prospects. This all changes the day he goes to pick up his nephew from kindergarten when he instantly falls in love with a new teacher there. But, before Hikaru can declare his feelings, his nephew says, “Sensei’s going to be my wife in the future!” Is Hikaru’s rival in love really his five-year old nephew?

    Ameiro Curriculum is a slow-burn, gay-for-you manga about aspiring chef and unlucky at love Hikaru falling head over heels over kindergarten teacher, Aoi. Unfortunately, his precocious nephew also seemed to have a crush on his young teacher.

    I don’t really go for stories where there’s some sort of love triangle and the rival is a son or some other young relative. Thankfully, this rivalry wasn’t as strongly played as in the other manga. The nephew even low-key encouraged the two adults.

    I read this manga because the artwork looks really nice. Aoi is pretty without looking too feminine. Hikaru thought he was a girl at first. I would have preferred him knowing Aoi is a man right away because how dense is this dork? Even his nephew knew his teacher was a man and had no problems with it. I think the plot was going for a bit of “but he’s a man” drama but it came out weak.

    The story was going for cute and fluffy but I was bored. I skimmed most of it. The two main characters weren’t that outstanding and I think they were overshadowed by the nephew. I hope the mangaka gives him his own story.