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    MANGA: Ame to Kiss

    Ame to Kiss – Akihira Shiro

    Ever since he was a child, Maeda Taiki looked plain and shabby, and has never been popular. For these reasons, he wanted to at least have a good sense of fashion as an adult. So before he knew it, he became a shop attendant at a fashion mall. He has now found someone that he likes…. an employee at the fashion mall’s main department, Yagii Haruhisa. Not only is Yagii kind and handsome, he’s friendly with everyone he meets. He’s someone that Maeda simply can’t help but admire. However, Maeda is aware that he doesn’t stand a chance of loving someone like Yagii… That is, until an awkward question from Maeda causes Yagii to steal his first kiss?!

    Candy and Kiss is an ugly duckling romance, where the poor duckling thinks he’s too plain but is really a precious pure angel who blushes so prettily. I love Maeda!!! The artwork’s delicate lines and dream-like vibe highlight his appeal wonderfully.

    Our boy works in a clothing store and, with his keen eye for fashion, makes his customers look like a millions bucks. He has been secretly crushing hard on the popular sales staff from the main department, Yagi. I love Yagi, too!

    Cool, good-looking and with a kind word for everyone, he’s the perfect seme for our precious boy! The best part is he’s been crushing hard on Maeda too!

    I can’t begin to describe how adorable the story is! It’s a bit angsty because Maeda is too hard on himself, but overall super sweet and fluffy. Maeda’s insecurities served to create conflict. He’s constantly thinking he’s not worthy, thus pulling back from Yagi at crucial times.

    Instead of being annoying, my heart went out to Maeda, whose only friends seem to be the store manager and his female co-worker, whom he only talks to during work hours. How the ugly duckling came to accept his true worth with the help from a good man and his unconditional love is a cute, heartwarming tale that made me squee!

    One of the most adorable manga I’ve read this year! Check out the 2015 live action trailer below:

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