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    MANGA: Sora Kara Furumono

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    Sora Kara Furumono – Aki Senoo

    Sweet but troubled Takagi escapes the ups and downs of his life by hiding his true feelings. But what will he do when shy, awkward Kumoi suddenly appears and seems to read his every thought? When a mysterious drawing surfaces and raises even more questions about the past, the two boys are faced with a crucial decision: do they stick together, or retreat to the safety of their secret fantasies?

    When the Heavens Smile serves up seven stories full of sweet, fumbling romance and the day-to-day surprises of true friendship! Whether it’s in a noisy, nerve-wracking classroom or the book-lined rows of the library, each of these boys must come to terms with budding feelings and brand-new crushes. Which of these pairs destined to put aside their fears and stay together after the final school bell rings?

    Fragment: A really bad case of last song syndrome where kohai whistles a tune and sempai made him listen to the entire song so he could do it properly. Ended up doing something unforgettable. Would kohai even remember? I wished the author gave this an epilogue.

    I Love Strawberries The Most, Followed By My Dad: Ooh, shoujo-kun is the seme. A high schooler with girly interests compares his loved ones to fruits.

    Absolute Condition: Mole fetish? NO, just NO. (speaking as a person with bajillion moles all over, hate these ugly dots)

    Sirens: Talky age-gap romance involving lots of sex and talks of double suicide. Weird proposal at the end but it kind of worked.

    I Can’t Remember Now: Alcohol-loving Kacchan tended to get sappy and kissy with Midori when drunk but couldn’t remember afterwards. Everybody thought they were boyfriends, Kacchan insists they’re just friends. But was Midori jealous when Kacchan was seen with a girl? And why does Kacchan care? Really loved this one!

    That Which Falls From Heaven: Kumoi can see Takagi’s dead brother. Kumoi seriously liked Takagi. I don’t care.

    Fever Mark: Don’t care about this too. Why is it in manga, when someone has fever, they tend to get frisky?

    That Which Is Still Here: Student has a crush on the librarian and is willing to be his slave. Librarian used to have a crush on Takagi’s dead brother. Kumoi’s drawing gave them closure. Still don’t care.