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    MANGA: Aisaseteyo Sensei

    Aisaseteyo Sensei – Kameno

    “I can’t just pretend like it’s nothing. I’ve fallen in love with you, Sensei.” University Professor, Hatano Hotaru made a mistake last night- He slept with a student, a straight one at that. “In the end he’ll get tired of me. I don’t want to fall in love with a straight guy.” Or so he thought, but this younger boy won’t let him go…?
    A BL about sweet, cute, and passionate love!

    A pretty looking age-gap romance where the older guy angst about the age difference but looks like a teenager.

    Sensei woke up one morning with the worst hangover and got zapped by the presence of his straight student lying naked next to him. Yep, they fucked, much to sensei’s horror. Then, student not only confessed but relentlessly pursued sensei from that point onwards until he caved in and confessed his own feelings.

    Let Me Love You, Teacher follows the standard plot of persistent younger seme and in denial older uke. It adds the extra challenge of the teacher/student connection with the student being straight. There’s the usual worry of being left behind once the younger straight guy has supposedly satisfied his curiosity.

    Like in many recent manga, the MC openly admits to being gay. It still feels novel to me every time that happens after decades of BL manga playing coy about LGBTQ existence. It’s a development I wholeheartedly support. Bonus when you get characters acknowledging the other letters in the acronym.

    I don’t have much to say about this one-shot. It’s not exactly blah, but it doesn’t bring much to talk about to the table. Maybe just read this for the art.

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